I’m building Satori: a creator economy studio, with wonderful people.
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⏳ I first wrote about creator and user owned decentralized brands in October, 2018.

I described “Cardinal”, a hypothetical company selling limited edition street wear and matching limited edition NFTs for authenticity. …

Team Basketball part of Open Saturdays (TGI) with Harmony in Mountain View

I joined Harmony Protocol last year to work on application layer development with a focus on NFTs and collectibles. I was impressed by an older, more mature and predominantly immigrant executive team, complimented by young, eager developers either working while in school or already with a few years of big…



When coding in JavaScript we’re given 2 main choices for building complex objects: classical inheritance or object composition. The later in JavaScript is a combination of functional inheritance and concatenative inheritance. You define a factory function to create your object state. Then you concatenate this object with a copy of…

Matt Lockyer

Building Blockchain Solutions to Real World Problems - "The revolution will not be centralized."

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